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Welcome to the club! I’m happy you are here!

What exactly is it I do here? Well, the site grew out of my love for Cannabis, and a love for Photography so way back at the start of the pandemic I picked up a DSLR and started using Cannabis as a subject a lot.
I’ve used Cannabis for many years medically to help with anxiety and pain management. I don’t claim to be the most knowledgeable but what you will get are honest opinions and experiences.

While I personally tend to shop more in the unlicensed section of the market, I will be covering both as I do make purchases from both sides and doing my best to keep the reviews as similar as possible, although the info available isn’t consistent even from licensed brand to licensed brand.

A few little notes about ethics and all that…

I will not give a good review for money, swag, or any other such options. If you’d like me to review items and would like to provide them that’s perfectly fine but do know it will be an honest opinion of the product received and not swayed by the offer of free, or swag.

I love stickers and hats, and shirts – but it won’t change my opinion of the flower.

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