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An Atlantic perspective serving reviews of products from legacy, to legal.

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Brad is an Atlantic Canada based hopeful in Photography and Writing aka aka ArkhamSmoke to some

Hey! I’m Brad! I’m based in Atlantic Canada, and I’ll be Cultivating reviews of all markets.
If it’s legacy? I may cover it – If it’s legal? I may cover it.

Thanks for checking this out – this isn’t some big operation, or even a paying gig.
I’ve definitely spent more money than I’ve made on this project. I do this out of Love.

Love for the art of photography that I have rediscovered over the Pandemic.
Love for the plant that allowed me to exist with a little less pain, and anxiety.

I’ve been using Cannabis medically for well over a decade, and while I wouldn’t call myself
an expert – I’ve gained enough knowledge that I feel confident in providing unbiased opinions
of the products I try. I tend to shop a little more on the legacy side of the market, just because
I found the consistency / price more appealing for the amount of medication I generally need.

So is my little way of keeping on top of the Atlantic market, sharing the experience in an industry that
generally doesn’t let you see what you are buying. It is also an outlet for me to write, and take photos semi-regularly.

No favouritism, just honest reviews to the best of my ability – If a product was provided for review, it will be noted.
I will not accept deals to review products that have any limitations on what I am able to say, or how I am to review it.

Each product is treated the same, and reviewed on the same scale – if I review the product, I may review the ethics behind the company.

So enough about me, thank you for visiting the site – I hope you stick around, and come back!
If you do want to support the work I do, you can visit my Buy Me a Coffee and donate/support!

If there is a specific product you want me to review, I’m open to contributions for that too.
Keeping in mind it would have to be available in NL, or somehow mailed.