Argentia Gold – Foggy Daze Review

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Argentia Gold Corporation or “AGC” is a licensed Cannabis producer from Newfoundland
Owned by current Mayor of Marystown Brian Keating, they boast about an 80,000 sq ft facility
and achieving gold in Cannabis growing (like the Olympics – not kidding, this is their comparison)

It’s real simple, in the Cannabis Olympics, We are going for gold!

Our team means everything to us. They are the ones who show up every day and create the absolute best quality products your you guys can buy in the Cannabis world. The Argentia Gold facility where the gold is produced we strive for excellence and creating the best bud experiences out there.

So cool. This 80,000-square-foot Cannabis facility is steeped in history. It used to be the Mess Hall and social gathering place for a major U.S. naval base at the Port of Argentia in the Town of Placentia, Newfoundland and Labrador. Dudes like Winston Churchill used to hang out here.

Our team is committed. Don’t see what you want….let us know. Cause every day our team is showing up to create the best fresh flower and pre-roll experience in the Cannabis market.


I’m not in the business of reviewing websites, but Holy fucking Shit, their website is a nightmare with absolutely no effort or time put into it and is a prime example of why companies should hire professional web developers. It has a background video, social links that are not set up, and a shopping cart on a website with no products you can actually buy.

It kind of looks like they just selected a random theme typed in their base content and called it a day without tailoring it to be a functional website.

Well, from what I can find they don’t have experience in growing, and an 80,000 sq ft facility seems like a tall order and bigger isn’t always better.

Now that we’ve completed my first WebStuff Review, let’s dive face-first into

The Budstuff w/ Argentia Gold

Foggy Daze is a pretty low-cost option listed under the “Cannabis Value” heading of their site so it appears that at some point, there was an attempt to market this as a more budget-friendly product. When I purchased this it was around $25 taxes included. It looks like there may have been a recent pricing update because this, along with most of their other products are now priced at just under $28 plus taxes per eighth (Half-Quarter for some πŸ‘€).

I had to dig through their poorly designed website (broken or inactive product links) to find any info but the image shown on their site does not accurately reflect the product I received AT ALL, further when I saved the image directly from their site it actually has a different cultivar in the filename.

The image is saved as “Lemon Drop” which is another cultivar they list, but there doesn’t seem to be any active link to it anywhere. This could be a couple of things, perhaps Foggy Daze is what they are introducing as their Premium “Lemon Drop” cultivar, and this is a testing ground for it. Either that, they are just trying to pull a fast one and use a more premium product in their photos, either way, it’s not a great look when the photo doesn’t match the packaged product AT ALL.

Lemondrop Argentia Gold 8211 Foggy Daze ReviewAGC FD 2 Scaled E1649349899802 Argentia Gold 8211 Foggy Daze Review

The Deeper I go, the more of this I see and it’s kind of looking like it’s a packaging and naming free-for-all.

Most of their product photos look like they were taken on the dude’s blackberry (I’m just guessing he used a blackberry) and it just amazes me that this is a functional company that just doesn’t seem to care about how they look or to even make their product look good. I’m seeing a lot of half-assing it to get a bunch of SKUs and fill that big facility with whatever they can to make their investment worth it. I don’t see this being a long-term op, and honestly doubt it was ever planned to be. Now with all of that being said, let me get into the buds.

They say you can’t see the forest for the trees, and in this case, I really couldn’t see the weed for the leaves. There was enough leaf and lumber here to make a shelter for a mini-fig
I probably should have weighed the product, but I’m guessing the stems were a big part of the weight – I mean just look at those heckin’ sticks there should be a tariff on this much lumber. It was a mixture of smalls, and just generally not the most appealing weed I’ve seen by any stretch of the imagination.

Moisture content was actually okay, when I pinched it between my fingers it had a good few seconds where it stuck there which gave me a little hope.

Here’s a close-up look at the buds, which at least look better than the complete product

The Nose and Grind w/ Argentia Gold

If I could describe the nose for this it would be almost non-existent and if you asked me to pick out a single terpene I probably couldn’t although, they list them as
“Alpha Bisbolol, Alpha Humulene, Beta-Caryophyllene, Beta Myrcene” and if I was reaching based on this I’d say there might have been a faint Caryophyllene hint but again it was so muted that it’s really hard to say, guess we just have to trust them to know what they are talking about. πŸ˜‚

Grinding it didn’t introduce any new aromas or feelings of confidence it was just still very bland
with some leaf flavor added in because I couldn’t have been bothered to trim the product for them in all honesty.

This category is a big failure for Argentia Gold and Foggy Daze

Rating:πŸ’©πŸ’© (Two Poops)

It Burns…

I “ingested” this by method of combustion (smoke a joint) It was peppery-colored ash and overall it did burn pretty evenly
The taste, really never came through on the smoke at all so this was just really sucking back bland plant matter. Pretty un-exciting stuff

At the very least in this basic test of being lit on fire, it passed.

Rating: πŸ”₯ (One Lit!)

Final Thoughts

I was hoping this would be a better experience, and again my quest for supporting locals comes up short
At $21 + taxes I was going to say this would be a passable cheap option if you just wanted to get high
and didn’t want to buy Tweed as it did get us high, while it was not super long-lived it did serve that purpose well.
Which was really all it needed to do for the day and a half it took for our proper order to get here.

That said, at $27 + taxes I couldn’t recommend a bland, poorly trimmed product at all when there are far better choices out there
even in the limited Newfoundland market. Spend the extra $2 and get yourself MTL Cannabis Sage N Sour over this if given both choices.

I think the leadership of this company needs to take a hard look at their priorities because their presentation is just an absolute mess
as a consumer, I have no confidence that any part of their business is run any differently. Brian obviously has other priorities in running a town
which I feel probably distracts from the attention required to run a Cannabis company. I realize he is a businessperson in the community, but Cannabis isn’t your grandfather’s business.

The optics of an active politician running a local Cannabis Company also just doesn’t sit right with me morally, these politicians would be the same ones championing police busts and arrests just a few years ago, and probably still would if it is “Unstamped” cannabis. If you get a public salary, I don’t think you should have control of your business ventures, these should be handed off during your time in office.

So, ratings don’t mean much but if I were to give Argentia Gold – Foggy Daze a rating I’d Give it

πŸ”₯ + πŸ’©πŸ’© = πŸ”₯πŸ’©πŸ’©

That is a rating of 2 Firey Poops, which in most circles is not a pleasant thing.

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