Atlantic Cultivation: Crooked Dory ICC Review

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Atlantic Cultivation – Crooked Dory: Ice Cream Cake
Cannabis Review / Photography – Licensed (Archive)

(Atlantic Cultivation) Crooked Dory – Ice Cream Cake (3.5g) @ $22.99 + Taxes
Packaged On: May 28th, 2021 Lot: B01202100008
Purchased at: Spirit Leaf
Processed by: Radicle Medical Marijuana Inc

Here we are with Review #2 – What the fuck is a Crooked Dory?

I’ll let them tell you in a few words…

This is the story of the Crooked Dory. Nobody asked, but we’re telling you anyway. He was a little guy and seriously misshapen – a Quasimodo of sorts, but in boat form. Steering him was a nightmare. He’d just go in clockwise circles. Then one balmy, midsummer evening, a man happened to walk by. This man was, let’s just say, “not low”. He got into the Crooked Dory, went ’round and ’round like you’d expect. But instead of getting frustrated, he laughed. And he wouldn’t stop. Legend says if you listen real quietly, you can still hear him, giggling in his Crooked Dory.

Crooked Dory Website

Now – I’m not really sure what all this has to do with the company – but it’s a cute little story.

The appeal was for me, at least, that it is a locally run company, the more research I do the less local it gets.
The processor is based out of Ontario and the flower source is unknown.
It is marketed heavily by local cannabis co. Atlantic Cultivation.

I was going to buy the OZ of this product however, I am glad I didn’t.
Additionally, the smoke isn’t bad but I am not impressed with the number of tiny buds.

There were about 3 grams of tiny bud, and half a gram of leaf/shake to make up the half gram.

If this is what’s being packed into the 3.5’s I’m worried to see what they are packing in their ounces.
In my experience, 3.5 is the entry point, and ideally, you want a good product so people come back.
For that reason, I don’t believe I would be confident in buying another product.

In closing, Crooked Dory Ice Cream Cake kind of left me without a paddle.
Just spinning in circles of disappointment in what’s being offered up to consumers vs being shown.

*Full Disclosure: I wrote this review in a Crooked Dory T-Shirt that I purchased to support Atlantic Cultivation