BH! by BeeHighVE – Bee Diesel Review

BH BeeDiesel 21 1 1536x862 BH By BeeHighVE 8211 Bee Diesel Review

Cannabis Review – Licensed (Purchased)

Price: $28.06 (Incl Tax) / 3.5G
Packaged on: April 19th, 2021 Lot: My high ass didn’t write it down
Total THC: 15.3% Purchased at Loblaws

Joining us in the club today, is BH! BeeDiesel by BeeHighVE Inc.

In true Newfoundland and Labrador style, BeeHighVE brings the Local Craft experience to our Province’s Cannabis marketplace. Our products are proudly grown right here on the Island and strongly rooted on NL soil and in the traditions we are best known for – quality, purity, and natural goodness. With a view to keeping everybody happy – as is the “Newfoundland Way”

BH! Falls under the budget category for BeeHighVE but don’t let that fool you – it’s not your typical budget cannabis from the licensed market. BeeHighVE is a pretty unique company in a couple of ways but has full control of its product from seed to store, with a direct-to-patient medical platform as well. I am a registered patient but have yet to purchase through their medical portal.

In addition to Cannabis, they are also pretty into Bee’s, and that’s always a perk.

“The whole idea of BeeHighVE was to deal with the bees,” Hall said. “I have a special place in my heart for bees and I really believe they’re one of the most important animals on this earth. I wanted to go down the road of combining both – doing something helping bees and promoting healthy bees to Newfoundland.”

CEO Rita Hall started the company, after gaining interest in the medical benefits of Cannabis after her teenage daughter took ill and has actually signed medical research deals with local universities to help push research into the medical benefits of Cannabis.

Hall’s interest in cannabis was sparked by something that impacted her on a more personal level.

When her daughter was 16, Hall says, she was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease called punctate inner choroiditis.

According to Hall, when something impacts her health, her body fends it off by attacking her retinas.

“It’s a very serious disease that can make you go blind,” said Hall.

She started researching, looking into things that could help improve her daughter’s condition and cannabis was something that came up.

I honestly don’t have any little “dirty secrets” or anything on this company, from what I gather they are absolutely on the level, and do what they say they do with the passion they say they have.


First thing I want to mention, is that while the buds were flat from being packed in a small bag the buds themselves were very decently sized – the 3.5 was made up of two buds as seen here. The hand trim on these buds are clear, no machine trimming happening here – that said I’d still like to see a bit of an improvement in the trim department, but when they give you buds this size, I’m not so bothered by it. Definitely a fluffier product as well which is certainly contributing.

For moisture, it passed the pinch test but I think it definitely could have done with a moisture pack to just give it a little extra juice, which sadly is typically of most licensed cannabis, and that really comes down to Health Canada in many cases.

The buds were quite frosty, and this motherfucker smelled like a Diesel should with the gassy scents getting much more pungent upon the grind, but the first punch out of the bag was definitely nothing to take lightly. If it caught you off guard, you might end up in the Mcgregor position.

How’d it get burned!? How’d it get burned!?
(Hint: Not The Bee’s)

As is customary the BeeDiesel was rolled, again using Zig Zag Blues (Finally gone!)

The burn was even, and clean – no black ash, no canoes just a problem-free burn from start to finish. If you take any stock in the THC levels, this hit quite a bit higher than the 15% would make you expect, with a happy, and heady high it’s definitely a good daytime, get shit done, or just try and drown your depression high.

It also passed the bong taste test, which is usually my preferred method of consumption.

Say High

The High was standard, I’m not really the best judge of how high for how long I was because to be honest, I’m high pretty much all day so I just kind of smoke another joint or bowl when I feel like it. Objectively, I think the time between intakes was longer here than say the Daily Specia I reviewed.

I’ve yet to sample anything on the higher end of the BeeHighVE line of products, but to be honest – I haven’t really felt the need, the cost and quality is on point and the 100% hands-on from seed to retail is baller. It looks like they’ve dropped hints that they’ll also have a retail location in Corner Brook NL, which would be the first of its kind in NL and a huge win for an Independently owned Company.

If you live in NL, Manitoba, or NB – it’s definitely worth checking out this company.

They aren’t in quite as many stores here but that’s mainly because most of our stores right now are Tweed – and if tweed carried this, they’d never sell their own products.

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