BeeHighVE Inc. – Newfie Bullet Review

BeeHighve Newfie Bullet 3 Scaled BeeHighVE Inc 8211 Newfie Bullet Review

Cannabis Photography / Review – Licensed

Packaged: March 08th, 2021
Price: $64.99 + Tax / 7G
Purchased: Dominion (Loblaws)

I’ve covered this brand before, and am actually registered with them as a medical patient although this was purchased on the recreational side of the market. BeeHighVE Inc. is a Craft Cannabis producer located in Corner Brook Newfoundland, as of right now they also operate a retail Cannabis location there as well. An independent company, that also keeps bees! See my previous review of their Bee Diesel for a little bit more of an in-depth look at the Company itself and what they are about. Getting right into it…

Welcome to The Budstuff

I’ll start this off without any words — actually, I won’t that’d be weird right?
The buds came packed very tightly in a small bag that doesn’t photograph well, generally, this results in the buds becoming pretty compacted but in this case, they held together pretty well, and at first glance, it’s always nice to see a big ol’ cola in there.

Now, the caveat here is that there could be a lot of stems, so surely it came in over 7g’s right? Well, that just wasn’t the case here and while very minimal it was about .25 underweight and the stem was about this as well so it adds up to be more missing flower than I’d like at this price.

The buds themselves look decent and smell great, despite being packaged in March of this year. It has a very strong citrus smell with strong diesel undertones resulting in a smooth tickle to the nose. It was noticeably dryer than other products I’ve had from them, just breaking apart and crumbling in my hands. Once again, with the price, it’s very disappointing.

We thought we’d try the “next step up” since we liked the budget offering quite a bit, but the difference in bud size here isn’t worth the extra cost, or frankly the sub-par experience. Unless the prices come down across the board here, I think if I’m purchasing BeeHighVE it’ll be their lower-priced BH! brand.

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