BLKMKT – Jealousy Pre-Roll Quickie

IMG 6542 1097x1536 BLKMKT 8211 Jealousy Pre Roll Quickie
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blkmkt – Buy a fucking vowel

Let me start by saying, I fucking hate this brand name. It was shitty when they launched it, and it’s even shittier now that we are further out from the no vowel trend.

Jealousy by BLKMKT has been a product on my radar for quite some time. I’ve never bothered to really give it a chance due to the cost.
It was priced at about $12 including taxes for this 1 gram pre-roll. I had high hopes for this based on what I’ve seen, but it kind of fell flat for me.

I kept expecting the high to creep a bit further but it never really got there. I’d consider this as a quick option on the run if it were half the cost.
With the current price, I wouldn’t recommend getting this as there are definitely options out there that hit harder for less.

The only Jealousy I feel here is towards people that bought something else and smoked better weed than this 🤷‍♂️

I’d give this a 5/10 rating as it is fairly average weed, with an above average price.