Crooked Dory – Strawberry Cough OG Review

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Crooked Dory by:
Noya Cannabis Inc. (Noya Grow)
Price $66.99 + Tax for 15G
Packaged on: September 14th, 2021
Purchased at Spirit Leaf (Now Atlantic Cannabis)

I’m not going to go into much detail here about either company as
this is something I’ve covered previously in these reviews.
Crooked Dory ICC Review
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Crooked Dory is a Noya Grow Inc. Product
It is promoted under the Atlantic Cultivation umbrella.

There’s no reference to where the product was sourced, or who grew it on the packaging I can only guess that since Atlantic Cultivation Ltd. only recently completed their first harvest this would be a B2B type agreement to process and sell off the product. It looks like Crooked Dory is trying to capture some of the more classic cultivars with products dropping like Death Bubba, Pink Kush, etc.

Welcome to the Budstuff

It’s the second time trying Crooked Dory, and this outing is better.
I have some larger issues that need to be addressed about them.
Not everything seems as friendly as they try to present the brand.

I’ll start with the buds themselves, as for size and density it was better than my Ice Cream Cake. I’m still left unimpressed with the amount of leaf matter in the bag and on the flowers.

Crooked Dory by Atlantic Cultivation is priced as a budget brand but tries to shoot higher in marketing and presentation.
At least, in my experience with the brand thus far is the biggest thing working against it.

The smoke was passable, with a pretty decent body high. the smell and taste were muted but present.
Although having never tried the cultivar before I can’t really compare it to anything else.
That said, it was a step up from the ICC I reviewed previously.

It burned evenly and appeared to be a clean burn. It’s really not a bad mid, or budget product but I can’t suggest the brand based on observations.
I’ll try to outline these issues below

Crooked Dory and The Honesty in Marketing

This is a big one, and really the biggest issue I’ve seen with Atlantic Cultivation and Crooked Dory.
This was something I touched on in my previous review and was still an issue here.

The product shown in photos, and promo material is wildly different from what is being distributed to customers, it looks like choice nugs are being put in the bags being displayed, and I wouldn’t have come up with this thought on my own I promise you.

When I posted my issues with Crooked Dory, many months later Chris (COO) messaged me on Twitter

Chris explained that that batch was handled more outside their own facility. I am told future batches of Crooked Dory products would be trimmed in-house, thus more control over the bud size, and quality of the trim. It was in this conversation he mentioned something I never thought much of at the time but in the interest of full disclosure.

Chris offered to see if he could get a choice bag sent to a store for me to purchase with a better quality nug in the bag to represent the brand.

I declined the offer as this really isn’t going to be a good representation of the brand in my opinion.

So, I waited a while before I decided to give it a second shot and decided to buy the Strawberry Cough in 15G, Packaged in Sept and while I’m seeing little improvements, the product that’s shown on company social channels is again not reflective of what is in the majority of packaging.

While there definitely were some bigger buds than my last eighth, it was still not quite on par with how these packages are looking. Again – the buds I received are not awful, and certainly not at the price point but the marketing is just all wrong. I want to see a bag that is actually going to a store, not from the facility near some packaging. Have Confidence Crooked Dory

Mids are fine, embrace it. I live on mids, I couldn’t afford my medicine without them. There are brands out there that do this fantastically, like Table Top as one example that comes to the tip of my fingers.

Flash forward to today, November 9th – Crooked Dory announces they are working with another local producer KRFT, another company that couldn’t buy a vowel (a joke).

I couldn’t believe what I was seeing, and I’d suggest you dim your screen and put on your goggles because the saturation and photoshop abuse here are real.

I really wanted to like this brand, and be supportive of the local crew but with all of this already adding up under the first real outing for ATL Cultivation I have trust issues. It’s a whole lot of Big Cannabis tactics in a “Made Right Here” package.

Update: Original Tweet with Photoshopped buds has been deleted but I’ve kept a screen cap

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Updated 2: Promo images have been updated with the unedited version and it looks much better!

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