Good Supply – Growers Choice Sativa

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Welcome to the Club

Joining us for a Review today is Good Supply with their Growers Choice Sativa.

Good Supply is a brand by Aphria Inc – who you may recognize from their “Broken Coast” brand –
now a part of Tilray. There isn’t a lot to say about these companies except they are your standard pubco.
It’s big cannabis, but not highly successful cannabis.

I purchased this Growers Choice because I needed something different in the $99 Oz Category to change it up.
Our selection of product in NL is very limited, and extra limited in 28g options and this is one of the things I hadn’t tried.

The Growers Choice bag says the cultivar is “Prayer Pupil” which seems to be listed mostly as a Hybrid, but labeled Sativa if you care about that stuff.

“Prayer Pupil” is a cross of Star Pupil with Prayer Tower

Appearance / Bag Appeal

The Growers Choice buds are a mixed bag, small to medium sized buds.
I wouldn’t call them huge but I’ve definitely seen much worse in this price range.

The buds were fairly dense and moisture content was good overall although it was packed with boost packs.
They stayed dense even in the smaller nugs, and didn’t break up or crumble.

For the bag appeal, considering price / who is offering it it isn’t bad.

Smell / Taste

The nose for this Growers Choice Sativa was fairly muted out of the bag, and this worried me a bit.

Once we ground up the flower, the smell did get a little stronger and brought earthy almost lavender scent that really permeates.
As you continue with the smoke, I find the earthy tones are a little more prevalent on the inhale. The lavender/smooth taste
really comes through with the exhale which is really where I want my smoke to be smooth.

Growers Choice Sativa, for a budget buy really surprised in post grind smell / taste

Moisture / Pinch

The buds were not super dry after opening the bag, although they were packed with a boost pack.
Nugs weren’t super sticky, but when pinched they did stick to my finger and squish rather than crumble.

If you believe in white ash, we had it in the bong and joints.

Ultimately, it really wasn’t bad here either and I was expecting worse.

Experience / High

This Growers Choice is very much a hybrid feeling – certainly feeling the heady-ness first – which is great for gaming.
After you start to feel heady, it will give a little body-ody-ody to your high so you can relax those shoulders (DO IT NOW)

It may be because it’s just a product I’ve never had, but overall the high wasn’t bad here and has been better than some other options.

I’d rate the time it lasts to be average or better, I usually top up before I’m “not high” which I am doing slightly less with this weed.

Quality / Value

Priced in Newfoundland at $98+ Taxes per oz, the quality could have been a lot worse for the cost.
If a good mid-low level product is what you want on a budget this hit the spot.

When balancing budget to the quality of licensed cannabis, this one hit the mark for me.

Overall Impressions

I have been kind of avoiding Good Supply for a little bit because Aphria was actually the LP for some of the first products we bought.
Way back when legalization started, and it was…not great, and their support ignored us. This was their “Riff” brand.

I’m glad I went with Good Supply this time over the Frozen Lemons we’ve been living off from Organigram’s Holy Mountain.
It’s a fun cultivar I haven’t experienced, and again for the options we have at $99 in NL this was a decent buy.

With budget bag appeal, and permeating smell / taste and a smooth smoke
I’m going to rate the Growers Choice Sativa by Good Supply a respectable 6/10.
It is respectfully mid.