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Welcome to the Club

Getting back to our regularly scheduled review of some Legacy sourced dank.
We have “Gelato 41” from Hush Cannabis on the docket today!

Gelato 41 is described as a cross between Thin Mint Cookies x Sunset Sherbert
bringing together a sensational aroma right out of the gate. I was provided
this eighth for free by Hush Cannabis to review. I was not given
any rules on how to present or review the product, nor coaxed to review it positively.

I’ve always been a fan of this cultivar and was really excited when I saw that it was on the list.
So without further adieu, let us jump into the budstuff.

I’ve tried several versions of Gelato, but never this particular cultivar

Appearance/Bag Appeal

When I opened the bag, I was kind of surprised to see one single nug, this nug made up the entire weight.
A single 3.5-gram nug, with a very tight and dense bud structure made for an instant win for me in this Category.
The mix of bright greens, and dark tones really compliment the rich coating of Trichomes on this bud, making
this an absolute visual treat. I genuinely didn’t want to break this beautiful bud down. If I’m going to judge the “A” rating here

The bud continued to hold its visual appeal even when ground, mixing into a gorgeous blend of sparkling buds, with the dark tones really showing out.

I’d have to wholeheartedly agree with the “AAAA” rating for this batch of Gelato 41.


As soon as the bag was open for this product, it was clear we were in for a treat with this smoke.
Immediately I was hit with a sweet, almost fruity smell that tapered into a nice earthy tone at the end of the inhale.
Upon breaking apart the bud, this only proceeded to make the odor more pungent and stunk up the whole room
after sitting on the tray for just a minute or two.

The taste of this was everything I hoped it would be based on the smell, again Gelato is a favourite in this house so our hopes were high.
I honestly have no complaints here, smooth sweet taste, with that earth tone really coming in on the end. Hush described it as an almost
roasted marshmallow taste, which I think I’d have to agree with.

The Gelato 41 ground into an equally stanky mix of aromas that I couldn’t get enough of.


The nug was super sticky and left Kitt’s fingers feeling appropriately sticky, and stinky.
It is the one time you shouldn’t be afraid to “Smell my finger” kind of stinky.
As for the pinch test, I would say the bud came up a smidge short – just a tad dry.

It really didn’t impact the overall experience of the Gelato 41
it was not by any stretch, bone dry.


I felt this first right in the body, which helped relieve a lot of my surface pain before it settled into a nice euphoric vibe.
It helped with my focus and actually allowed me to sit down and stay focused on a substantial amount of photo editing.
While the body high stayed, I found this tapered off a little as it went into the heady feeling, for a pretty balanced high.
I’d say my only complaint here is I just wish it lasted a bit longer, but that’s really just because I loved the feeling it provided.

The Gelato smoke was delightfully smooth, and tasty creating a very enjoyable overall experience.


While I received the product for free, I’ll focus on this section as if I did pay for the product using the current price of $25 an eighth.
With the bud coming in as a single 3.5g big boi shocker, and then immediately getting hit with its sweet aroma the quality is obvious.
With the trichome-rich bud, great balanced high and just overall delight this was for the eyes, nose, and lungs.
This bud can come in at an even lower cost if you use my “budstuff20” code at checkout.

I’d say the value here is top-notch, I have not seen a comparable option on the licensed market for this price

Overall Impression

This was very much one of my favourites of the products Hush sent me for review and not just because we love Gelato.
I am a sucker for big boi buds and this delivered (in grams) while also keeping a respectable nose. Kitt had ground this up and left it sitting on our rolling tray for a hot minute
in a minute or two, this bud had permeated my nostrils and the entire room. It was loud, like if my LL gave half a shit – we’d have got a noise complaint level of loud.

If you want loud, tasty, and effective buds – this Gelato 41 really was as much a treat as the name implies.
I’d give this a solid 8.5/10 for Solid Visual, Delightful Nose, and just a well-rounded experience at a fair price.

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