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Welcome to the Club

Joining us in the Club today is Rockstar Tuna from Hush Cannabis.
This is the last of the free review products I was provided by Hush.
I’ll add again that there were no requirements from Hush for this agreement.
Only that I published my review, and reviewed it on their site as well.

So what you are getting is an honest look at one of the current offerings from Hush Cannabis.
I have tried Rockstar a number of times, but believe this is my first time having Rockstar Tuna specifically.

Rockstar Tuna is described as a cross between Tuna Kush x Rockstar with “Hybrid” effects.

Appearance/Bag Appeal

If we are basing it on appearance alone, I’d say these Rockstar Tuna buds were not really my favourite.
I only bring that up as in size alone, I wouldn’t really have thought “AAAA” at first glance.

With that being said, while certainly smaller to medium-sized – these buds were densely packed.
The buds were very vibrant and rich in trichome coverage. I had a little trouble
really getting that trichome coverage to pop here, but trust me – it popped.

I am a sucker for some orange hairy buds, and these delivered on that note.
With my completely unscientific rating, I’d say these Rockstar Tuna nugs sit at a higher AAA rating.

Which is definitely no slouch as far as quality is concerned, Rockstar Tuna didn’t give me that WOW factor.


Opening the Rockstar Tuna bag was kind of a muted scent with some Earthy notes that permeated.
It kept that Earthy note while lending a kind of fresh and sort of sweet scent with a deeper sniff.

The taste is really where it stood out, all of these Earthy, Sweet, Spicy notes
combined for a smooth taste that was very reminiscent of other Rockstar samplings.

The Rockstar Tuna taste and smell were perfectly matched with no harsh surprises.


This category is one place where the Rockstar Tuna absolutely shines and does not disappoint.
The compact buds were spongy to press on and were oh-so sticky. It was as good
of a pinch test as I could have asked for.

Rockstar Tuna leaves your fingers sticky after the bud is removed we know it’s a pass on this test.


When first lighting the joint, after a few puffs the first thing you notice is your body.
The high starts very fast, moving over your body until you really feel it in your head.
It’s a very body-heavy high, which is great for pain or relaxation.

If you are a person that gets easily couch locked, I’d set aside some time for this one.
I’d say the feeling around the back of the skull sets in around the halfway mark of the joint.
Very much like other Rockstar-based cultivars I’ve tried.

Very standard “Indica” leaning high for the body that lasted a respectable amount of time.


Priced at $29 an Eighth, if bud size isn’t a deal breaker for you then I think the value is there.
The small-medium-sized nugs pack a punch that is a little unexpected. If you are looking
for a long-lasting high that is great for relaxation, or just pain management this is a good buy.

As I said, if I were to rate the bud using A’s – I’d probably rate this one a AAA over an AAAA.
However, the price point is still good for a AAA product with this impact.

If you compare Rockstar Tuna to similarly priced options on the other market, it still punches above its weight.
You also aren’t going to pay inflated rates for inflated and dishonest THC numbers.

Overall Impression

Breaking down all the points a little bit here, I’ll start by saying Rockstar was never one of my favourites.
It is something I’ve had often, due to availability but if I’m going for that heavy couch lock vibe
Death Bubba is usually my go-to. That being said, this Rockstar Tuna is a good take on that cultivar.

It is a solid product that does hit exactly where I want when I’m trying to relieve pain or chill out.
My bias on couch-lock cultivars aside, this is a solid and quality bud. Priced well, so if you need it
for medical purposes it is reasonably priced. Hush is always having sales, or offering
discounts. If the sticker price is still too high, there’s usually always a way to bring that cost down.
(see below)

For long-lasting high, medium-small sized buds, and some great pain relief priced well
Rockstar Tuna is getting a respectable 7.5/10

Bsh 1 1024x512 Hush Cannabis 8211 Rockstar Tuna

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