Hush Cannabis – Tang Breath

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Hush Cannabis – Tang Breath

Ahoy! Welcome back! In what I’m just now going to call the “Hush Cannabis Series”

We are taking a look at “Tang Breath” from Hush Cannabis.

Off the jump, I’ll disclose once again that this product was provided to me for free, the only agreement being that I review it honestly, and also post a product review to their website for the same product. No requirements that it has to be a positive review or anything like that, just my own opinions.

Tang Breath is actually a new cultivar for me, so I don’t have a major basis for comparison like some other cultivars I’ve reviewed.
It is a Tropicana X Mendo Breath cross and I am at least familiar with these two cultivars separately and have really enjoyed them so this one was a little bit of a treat to get unexpectedly.

Appearance/Bag Appeal

The first thing on these buds to stand out for me are the colours, very vibrant with the orange/amber tones really popping off for these buds.
The bud size was a mix of small/Medium buds – which does match up with the images shown from Hush for this product.

I’m usually not one for the quality ratings, but based on the general consensus of what makes a “Quad” I’d say these buds,
at least on appearance come up just shy of that category if I were to assign a grade there, I’d probably give them a strong AAA rating.

What they lacked in being Big Ol’ chonkers, they made up for in density because these were surprisingly dense bois once we broke them out of their package.


What these nugs lacked in size, they definitely made up for in smell/aroma because holy shit this bag punched us square in the face when we opened it.
Strong peppery notes, with a big pick up of lemon/citrus, notes that really tickle your nostrils on the deepest end.

Sucking back on this via bong or joint was like sticking your mouth on a bottle of pine sol and sipping through an old sock.
Completely on par with what I expect of a “Mendo” cross in my experience.

So while I’d say the taste and odor were very pungent it seems on par with what this cultivar should be.

If this wasn’t weed, I’d probably hate the taste however, it is so I don’t.


Continuing our Ultra scientific testing of the moisture content of the buds, these were very very sticky which
I wasn’t expecting just based on the first impression visually, although I should have known based on the smell.

The buds were super sticky, and when Kitt did the pinch test for these, not only did it stick — but it left the stank on their fingers.
I’d call this a pass overall, although I think they did try out just a tad in transit but nothing that really ruined the smoke at all.


The overall experience for this bud was actually great, it started out with a very heady,
kind of floaty high that continued to change a little as the high creeper on further relaxing into a calm state that just left me feeling mellow,
it actually helped relieve a bit of the back pain I was experiencing at the time.

We smoked this via bong, and joints and both were even clean burns, with no harsh after-effects outside of my admittedly dirty bong water for one of those pulls.

The overall high lasted for an average to slightly above average length when compared with similarly priced weed.


These are still reasonably priced and are a great smoke overall and while I don’t know that I’d give them a quad rating it’d be very close, and may only lose points there on bud size honestly.

While I received these products for Free, I’m going to look at the actual price you would pay which for an eighth of this
Tang Breath would run you $29 — or less if you use budstuff20 at checkout

Given the overall experience even with the bag appeal being lower here, I’d still say this is a solid grab for $29 or less.
I’d still be very pressed to go to a dispensary locally and pull anything as good with a few exceptions.

The Value is still here when even low-end Eighths or
half-quarters for our Ontario friends are going on the other market for $30+ the value here becomes apparent.

Overall Impression

While this wasn’t my favourite product of the 4 I received, that certainly doesn’t mean it was any slouch as far as quality and enjoyability go –
bud size is purely superficial and while I love a good bud for photo reasons, small/medium buds need love too – and with how these nugs will treat you, I think they are just fine.

As I said, I usually don’t pay much mind to the bud quality ratings but if I had to give this in A grade –
I’d probably give it a “AAA” grade over “AAAA” just based on the bud sizes.

With all that being said, if you like vibrant buds and a cool creepy hybrid vibe then I’d still suggest this smoke.
The good qualities outweigh my nitpicking on the bud size and let me recap, Beautiful, Vibrant buds that really pop,
great smoke and a creeping high all combined with a price point that is still far below the licensed
market’s entry-level for “AAA” or “AAAA” graded bud.

Factoring in the minor detractor of bud size I’d rate this Tang Breath from Hush Cannabis still a solid 7.5 / 10

I really enjoyed having it in my rotation for the short period it lasted before being burned.

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