Hush Cannabis – Triceratops Review

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Welcome to the Club

Joining us for a Review today is Triceratops from Hush Cannabis.

I’ve been sitting on this review since like May, and just haven’t got around to finishing it or publishing.
Life threw some challenges at us and that took priority over writing reviews for a little bit.
As things start to normalize I’m hoping to get back into the habit soon, and tbh I haven’t really been able to buy new products to review.

This was one of my own purchases and not part of the products I was given for review by Hush.

Triceratops was a new cultivar of Cannabis to review, its lineage appears to be unknown.

Appearance / Bag Appeal

The Triceratops buds were mid-large in size and covered in Trichomes giving off that frosty look I love.
The dark purple hues really popped and overall it was a treat visually and a joy to photograph.

I’d say for the bag appeal – we are starting off very strong here for this offering.

Smell / Taste

The smell out of the bag was exceptionally strong with an overpowering sweet smell, mixed in with some orange and notes of pine.

The taste was on par with the smell, starting off with a sweet taste in the back of the throat on the inhale.
The exhale has a very strong flavour of pine mostly overpowering the orange/citrus notes.

I really enjoyed the whole Triceratops experience from bag, to smoke.

Moisture / Pinch

I’d say the Triceratops bud was about as close to perfect as possible for the pinch/moisture test.
The buds were sticky icky, and held together nicely with the pinch not too dry, or too wet.

If you believe in white ash, there was plenty.

Most importantly though, it was a very even and smooth smoke.

Experience / High

This Dino started a little mild, and started to creep after a few minutes starting with a heavy head feeling almost like the center of my head.
(kind of like a Triceratops) 😎

It starts to creep further down into a very relaxed body high from the neck down. Ultimately this helped quite a bit with my chronic pain, and from just being stiff from anxiety.

The high was very long lasting and while I definitely smoked again shortly after, it certainly was not required.

Quality / Value

At a normal price at the time of $27 an Eighth, this is a top tier product. Whether you want it as an everyday smoke, or just a treat I think you’ll be impressed either way.
I ordered it myself of part of Hush’s mix and match offering of up to 14g at a discounted rate.
So this worked out a bit cheaper at about $25 an eighth.

I’d happily order this again at that price and quality.

Overall Impressions

It took me quite some time to get this review out, not really for any reason with the product or with hush.
I just was just getting a little burned out with my real job, and personal things.

I hope to continue doing business with Hush as their products have always impressed – this triceratops knocked it out of the park for me.
If this is something that is still offered I’d highly recommend it if you love the body high vibes.

For great bag appeal, a delicious aroma and even better mouth feel with long lasting effects.
I’m going to give Triceratops a solid 8.5/10

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