Hush Cannabis – White Wedding Review

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It’s a nice day for a White Wedding review

White Wedding is a cross of Wedding Cake and Girl Scout Cookies Purchased from Hush Cannabis for about $50 for 7G. I’ve been ordering from Hush for quite a bit now, and honestly haven’t had any real issues to speak of, the product is always as described and the few times I have had to reach out to them their response has been prompt and helpful.

So let’s cozy up, and get into…

The Budstuff w/ White Wedding

The buds packaged were all medium-large buds, I probably don’t use the size scale well because to me, large would be like a whole ass cola.

With bright shades of amber, covered in frost and trichomes look to be in good shape, and the dark tones coming out in parts of this bud made it just a treat to look at bag appeal is high on these buds despite packaging and traveling in the post – the journey of unlicensed/legacy cannabis seems to always be done in a way to preserve the product the most, I’ve seen mylar-ish bags arrive flattened in the licensed/legal space but yet to encounter the same on the flip side.

I hope to see that change with more/similar care is taken with the legal side as well, but right now with so many hands, it’s just hard for the legal space to keep up due to the over-regulation, and reluctance to allow legacy players. If you allowed a team with growing, marketing, and sales experience to easily transition without over-regulating their branding, packaging, and sales you’d see a whole different market I’d wager.

What was I talking about again? Oh, right – the weed, the moisture for this was on point and passed my completely scientific pinch test and didn’t fall apart, or crunch it just squished and stayed sticky which is exactly what I’m looking for in this completely accurate test for RH.

The Nose & Grind w/ White Wedding

Upon opening the package I was hit with a very sweet scent and kind of a peppery undertone as it settled into the nose which was a treat, I’m very fond of the peppery cultivars so anything with myrcene is always going to tickle those nostrils just the way I like. I’m happy to say, the scent remained on the grind, with the peppery scent taking a little more dominance in the profile.

It Burns…

I smoked this primarily out of my bong, with maybe a joint or two being rolled – I found it to be a very clean, even, and continuous burn in the bong so if you manage to pick this up, you’ll wanna complete the whole bowl but honestly, it’s a treat to smoke so I wouldn’t see this being a problem. I’ve been smoking joints less since I’m now the only one smoking them in the home, but the few I did have out of this did keep white ash and even burn without needing a boat.

Final Thoughts

White Wedding has been a great product for me, and my only regret is not ordering more of it.

High-Quality Cannabis is typically not within my budget, at least through the licensed providers we are expected to use, and medical channels are often charging more to their patients than the recreational market since it’s a smaller drop, and for many considered a hassle even though patients paved the way for legalization – let’s not forget that it is the medical providers that got first entry into the rec market, which left many patients without reliable access as these LP’s sent product to the rec market. I am happy that there are legacy producers still out there taking the risk, whether that is Hush, Shamrock, or any other respectable legacy player.

If you aren’t weirded out by the legacy market I promise you won’t be let down with a sampling of Hush Cannabis White Wedding, even better if you catch it on a sale as I did.

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