Organigram – Big Bag O’ Buds – Ultra Sour

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Today I’m taking a look at Ultra Sour which is released under Organigram and the storied “Big Bag o’ Buds” Cannabis brand.

If that name doesn’t ring a bell, you may have heard of this by its original name “Trailer Park Buds” this was meant to be a partnership with Organigram and Canadian icons “The Trailer Park Boys”.
TPB was meant to release early on in Cannabis Legalization but got pushed aside likely due to the endorsement rules and celeb branding or how closely it resembled imagery from the show.

Fast forward a couple of years,

and Organigram made another attempt, this time deciding to say “Fuck It” and actually release the product under the Trailer Park Buds brand with clever names such as “Two Birds Sativa” and “Itodasco Indica”.

It was a short-lived attempt, as Health Canada forced them to change the product branding, so now we are left with this “Big Bag O’ Buds” which is still very much using a Trailer Park Boys motif, but far enough away that it has seemingly appeased Health Canada. So now instead of the cute Ricky-ism names, we just have…this.

Do I agree with Health Canada’s rules regarding promotion or endorsement? Nah, but I do agree with companies playing fair and this was a blatant attempt by Organigram to try and get one over on smaller brands that may not be able to afford the risk launching a celeb-endorsed brand would have.

You may also know Organigram for their many other brands and products including;

Tremblant Cannabis
Laurentian Cannabis
Holy Mountain
Edison Cannabis Co

You may also recognize them for one of their biggest product drops, Legionnaires’ disease!

This drop was exclusive to New Brunswick. It was so top secret – that the New Brunswick government actually helped them cover it up.

If you’d like to see a little more info about it, feel free to search for “Organigram + Legionnaires’

Appearance/Bag Appeal

It may be a Big Bag O’ Buds, but big buds in a bag it is not. I’m not sure I’ve really ever had a visually appealing product from Organigram so this kind of fits the profile. Small buds, mostly a bag of popcorn with the exception of the buds selected for the photos. I shit you not when I tell you these were the biggest and most visually appealing buds in the lot. So as far as appearance, and bag appeal are concerned. These just aren’t it, but this quality is not surprising given the source of the buds.


The buds had a very muted scent, with no real notes that I could pick up on which is unusual. It’s like finding a nug you lost from your jar for 8 months.
Oh, it’s been rolling under the couch for most of that then you decided to put a boost pack. It really just smelled and tasted like grass, like literal grass off my lawn after a week without rain.


This sucker came packaged with a boost pack. It did that thing where it burned like it hadn’t been dried, but was dry at the same time. The buds were not at all sticky and did not in my opinion pass the pinch test.

The buds definitely did crumble rather than being a sticky delightful mess.


I found this to be a very empty and superficial high, nothing special. No specific or notable effects other than your run-of-the-mill very basic Sativa feeling high that is short-lived.
No notable terpenes my guess is they were completely ruined by the very likely irradiation treatment this bud has received. I found myself topping up a lot with this product in a very short period of time.


At $130 an Oz including taxes, there is really any quality or value to note with this product. At most this should be $60/oz and even that would be generous. You should just buy better weed because even at $60/oz this would still be overpriced. If I were to guess how this could be salvaged would be to break it down into edibles or extracts.

Overall Impression

I haven’t purchased an Organigram product in a long time because the product offerings have always felt sub-par, and over-priced. “Big Bag O’ Buds” is marketed as a budget product and that’s the mindset I’m using for this review. In a world where the $99/oz is becoming commonplace even in the legal market and the legacy market is cheaper. There is no part of me that could recommend this product.
I purchased it as it was the only oz available in my budget at the store and I knew better.

Even if the bud was excellent (which it isn’t) I still wouldn’t suggest this or any other product from Organigram. If anything I think Organigram should have closed the minute they covered up spreading Legionnaires.

I’m going to give the Big Bag O’ Buds Ultra Sour a rating of 3/10. On the grounds that I didn’t see any mold, and I got sorta high from it.

If Organigram is still shopping for a permanent name I’d just call this a Big Bag O’ Shit