Rubicon: 1964 – Organic Romulan

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Welcome to the Club

Stepping into the club today is a long-time favourite cultivar of mine.
We are going to be reviewing Rubicon/1964 Supply Co’s “Organic Romulan”

Romulan is a cross between a North American Indica and White Rhino.
It takes its name from the alien race of “Star Trek” fame. It apparently got the name
based on the cerebral feeling that will leave your head looking/feeling like the Romulans.

I’ve never seen a licensed market take on Romulan before so this was a treat.

While I’m not sure how they were allowed to run with the name I’m glad they did

Appearance/Bag Appeal

While the buds were fairly small in size, they are quite dense with rich Trichome coverage.
What they lack in size they definitely made up for in other areas. Lots of amber Trichomes which I love
to see in an Indica leaning cultivar. It has a beautiful mix of light greens and darks with that amber pop.

I would be lying if I said I wasn’t disappointed in the bud’s visual out of the gate.
I went in with my expectations a little lower based on the visuals alone.

The Visuals leave a lot to be desired, but appearance isn’t everything.


How did the smell stack up against the appearance? No Comparison
The Romulan had a very strong nose right out of the package.
What it lacked in bud size and overall visual appeal it definitely made up for in scent.
It leads with a very sweet piney aroma settling into more earthy notes.

The bag states there was no irradiation treatment completed on this bud, it fucking shows.

The taste was on point, and exactly what I’d expect from Romulan,
the flavour profile matches the scent perfectly in this case. It was
an absolutely great smoke with an excellent mouth feel.

The Romulan taste stays true to the nose, suck back on a pine needle and exhale a little pepper


These were some sticky and compact little fuckers, if I’m being honest.
They maintained great moisture, not overly dry, or wet.
It was sticky, stanky, and terpy. It is always nice to NOT see
a boost pack in my bag. They have a way of fucking with
weed that I don’t like and wish LPs would just stop.

So I am super glad to report, there is none of that here with 1964’s Organic Romulan


Holy. Shit. The. End.
Romulan is held highly here, I was worried this wouldn’t hold up.
I’m happy to report the experience is exactly what we’ve come to expect from this cultivar.
A wild mix of head/body high that creeps until you are absolutely in it. Romulan
tends to have a specific effect that makes us wanna fuck, and yep it did that.

I don’t know if Romulan tends to increase the sex drive for others, but it definitely does here.

I was very happily high and horny for much longer than I anticipated, and that’s cool.


I paid about $30 + taxes for this eighth, which is nearing my $40 limit for most 3.5g purchases.
That being said, the quality here is on point – Nose for days, and deceptively dense buds that pack a punch.
At its price point, for the experience, it is already worth it. I hope this is something 1964 keeps in production.
There is a distinct lack of classics out there due to the great THC race of 2023.

I came in expecting to be let down with this take on Romulan, but Rubicon and 1964 Supply Co. Killed it.

Why pay $50 for some Hype marketing biscuit brand when a bonafide classic is sitting right here

Overall Impression

Romulan Fucks, and so does Rubicon/1964’s take on it. While the buds weren’t the biggest it
doesn’t change my opinion because it punches way above its weight here. It hit as hard as any version
I’ve tried in the past. It burned beautifully and tasted amazing. The high was exactly what
we wanted from Romulan. A great head and body high, and a good time for you/your partner.

If you haven’t tried Romulan before, and have been on the fence – this is a great take on it.
I’d give this Romulan by 1964 a VERY hard 8/10 for all the reasons above.