Supreme Cannabis: Hi-Way – AAA Hybrid Review

Hi Way By Supreme AAA Hybrid 5 Scaled Supreme Cannabis Hi Way 8211 AAA Hybrid Review

I wasn’t familiar with this brand until we were actually in the store, and had to decide on something to purchase
It was one of the few times I didn’t have my phone to check it out before purchasing, just on quantity and price.
If I had known, in all honesty, I likely wouldn’t have bought it as Canopy Growth / Tweed is usually a hard no on our list.

When I got home and did my research, I found out the following info;

Hi-Way is a budget brand from The Supreme Cannabis Company whose brands include; 7Acres, blissco, sugar leaf, and truverra.

Supreme was Acquired by Canopy Growth Corp and finalized in June of 2021 it’s not yet clear how this merger will impact their product line, or offered brands.
It’s hard to say if this product was actually grown before, or after the Canopy Growth Acquisition so it’ll be interesting to see how this looks moving forward.

Coming in at $4.35/g or $60 for half an oz this “AAA Hybrid” doesn’t give me a whole lot of info, or any such lineage so I can’t compare it to any more familiar products.
My assumption as tends to be the norm for the budget brands is that it’s a lesser of some other brand The Supreme Cannabis Co. was selling that wouldn’t fit it’s image of the brand.

Anyways, I know you are all here to get right into…

The Budstuff

Diving right into it, the jar was a mixture of bud sizes ranging from small, to what I’d call the small end of medium buds.
The jar was packaged fairly tightly with buds, so there was very little wasted space, and in turn, less room for these to get knocked around.

This led to the buds looking better than many in their price point, but still leaving a lot to be desired for bag appeal — then again, it was less than $5 a gram.

The trim was tighter than I’d have expected it to be, but maybe Supreme was hoarding all those sugar leaves for that other brand they have uh, sugar leaf?
Buds were covered in light green with some dark tones in the mix, and light amber hairs with a mixture of damaged and in-tact trichomes.

The buds were not completely dry, but certainly could have had a little more moisture content, no crumble but it could have been close!

I’d love to know what this cultivar actually is, because I’m a sucker for dark-toned cannabis.

The Nose & Grind

Cracking open the jar I was greeted with a sweet, and diesel-y smell and just a slight hint of spice to round it out
While there are no terpene details listed on the jar, I was able to find on the CannabisNL Website the profile provided by the LP
These include; Beta-Caryophyllene, Guaiol, Limonene, and Myrcene – the only one of these I’m actually not familiar with is Guaiol.

Grinding the bud kept a pungent scent, but found the earthy tones came a little more to the present by my nose but, I also
really enjoy cultivars that are myrcene heavy so I might just hyper-focus on any hint of it.

It really, again took me by surprise I’m always going into these with lowered expectations.

It Burns…

I consumed mainly from my bong “Brodie”, but my better half and partner in crime consumed this almost exclusively in a vape.
My experience was positive, while burning in the bong I never had any harsh hits, everything that I should have tasted was there, and nothing I shouldn’t have.
At the time, we had multiple cultivars accessible, and for vaping, this was the one my partner kept going back to for the taste and effect.

Final Thoughts

Hi-Way’s AAA Hybrid was actually not a bad outing from The Supreme Cannabis Company,
I’ve tried their 7Acres brand in the bud, and pre-roll and was underwhelmed each time and had sworn off the brand.

I’d honestly place this product above what I sampled from the pricier, and heavier marketed 7Acres even if it was sold at the same price point.

The buds were respectable for the price, It was packaged and sold in a reasonable time frame, not sitting on the shelf for almost a year.
The high was moderate, and I’d rate it at about 2-3 hours but I usually would smoke again before this anyways to go about my day.

I found the anxiety relief on this one really good, and I’m getting the sense it has some diesel roots which would explain a lot.

So would I suggest you run out and try Hi-Way’s AAA Hybrid? The answer to that is no, and my justification for that is simply
that it is now a Canopy Growth company, and as I’d said if I’d known that going in, I’d have never purchased that product.

Morals are a hard thing to have when purchasing in this industry, but Canopy is a company I can’t in good conscience suggest,
from poor products to a history of being anti-homegrown for patients. They have a history of finding their employees expendable with layoffs
abound while bonuses for their exects increase. It’s just really, a shady op all around and has been from the start.
If the moral issues aren’t the thing to drive it home, and honestly – I get it, my convictions are no one else’s.

The one thing I’ll leave you with is the treatment of their Plants, these were grown (likely) under different management
The acquisition of The Supreme Cannabis Company places it into the care and management style of CGC and that may not produce anything close to this product.

If you want to see a horror show, just do some looking at the recent discovery of Powdery Mildew all over a recent crop of theirs…

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