Table Top Cannabis – Jungle Cake Review

Jungle Cake 01 Scaled Table Top Cannabis 8211 Jungle Cake Review

Hi! – Hello there! It’s been a while since I’ve actually felt like writing something of a review.
Enter: Table Top Cannabis and Jungle Cake
I’ve had a few products from Bzam, specifically Table Top –
I’d like to say they’ve all been pleasant, however, It really has been a mixed bag for their offerings.
I previously reviewed their Sticky Buns cultivar under the TT branding which you can read here.

The Jungle Cake cultivar was not my first choice for this trip, but my other choice was out of stock.
I settled on it based on my last outing with Table Top. I really wish I hadn’t spent the cash on this one.

This is an ounce that is creeping out of the budget territory that Table Top tends to live in, in cost only.
If I’m keeping my comparison to the legal market only, this doesn’t even stand up to the $99 oz offered by
Atlantic Cultivation, or in this case – even the acquired Hi-Way brand by Canopy seems like a much better
product/value proposition.

The buds were a mix of small to popcorn-sized mix, with an assortment of lumber attached.
Dry, crunchy buds with little to no moisture left in them, and no boost to even attempt to keep it
from drying out.

There were terpenes listed, but honestly – the only real scent from these were grass and hay.
Slightly more taste on the inhale, but still not matching the terpene profile on the bag, so who knows?

I’m okay with finding an occasional seed in a budget cannabis product, but as I said $130 is stepping outside
of the budget price and the expectations get higher – having this level of wood, and seed in the bag
is honestly just a crap product and no care for what is going out.

It really reminds me of the first BZAM products I tried from Table Top Cannabis, and Ness – and
that was maybe 2 years ago. I don’t see any growth here, and having an inconsistent product offering
does not build confidence. I think this will be the last purchase I make from any BZAM brand.

This just looks like an attempt to unload their worst product in the biggest bags –

I’ve often called Table Top mid, but this is just shitty weed. Sorry. 🤷‍♂️

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