The Shape of Buds(tuff) to come!

I am hoping to kick off my first new reviews with the new format in mind later this month when some new product arrives.
My venture back into the review world is going to lean heavily into the unlicensed market at first, with some licensed products
getting phased in as my purchase habits change again.

Quickie: MTL Cannabis – Sage N Sour (Redux)

It has been a while since I’ve tried Sage N Sour, and It was around the time they announced their expansion. I was worried that this would impact the product as some producers just can’t go to scale without impacting the product. We’ve even experienced this in our own grow when we expanded our medical …
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Supreme Cannabis: Hi-Way – AAA Hybrid Review

Hi-Way is a budget brand from The Supreme Cannabis Company whose brands include; 7Acres, blissco, sugar leaf, and truverra
Acquired by Canopy Growth Corp and finalized in June of 2021 it’s not yet clear how these merger will impact their product line, or offered brands.

Spinach Cannabis – White Widow Review

Spinach is a brand owned by Cronos Group, another one of the Walmart of Cannabis companies that entered the legal market, with seemingly very little to offer up in the way of worthwhile product, looks to me like its a pump and dump stock operation so I’ll let them Fellate themselves a little here…