The Shape of Buds(tuff) to come!

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Welcome to budstuff…

I took a little bit of time away to really figure out what I wanted budstuff to become.
I finally think I have a plan that not only allows me to keep a somewhat consistent schedule of content.

I’m going to focus on getting across some key categories and follow a template for consistency.
I never followed any particular methodology for sitting down to smoke, other than recapping my thoughts after a few sessions.

I’m going to make a more pointed effort to note my thoughts during the entire process from opening to smoking.

This format allows me to take more time with the reviews and photos instead of trying to rush them out.

The key points that I’d like to focus on are the points I look for when picking a product.

Without a few options to see buds first, I think there is always some value in consumer reviews.

The points that I’d like budstuff to cover on each are the following:

1. Appearance/Bag Appeal

2. Smell/Taste

3. Moisture/Pinch Test

4. The Experience (High Quality/Duration etc.)

5. Value/Quality

These are categories that I can easily apply to licensed/unlicensed sources equally,.
I’m going to avoid THC values, as I think there is much more to a product than the THC percentage.

Each new review moving forward will be scored on a 20-point scale from 1-10 with half points being valid.

I am hoping to kick off my first new set of budstuff reviews with the new format in mind later this month.

When the new product arrives, My venture back into the review world will lean heavily into the unlicensed market.

I’ll be phasing in licensed products soon, as my habits change.

As a little thanks for sticking with me, I have a new Discount code for my first review back
Keep it posted if you like saving money with your MOM!